The Czech map overflows with picturesque UNESCO world heritage sites underlining historical cities, events and landmarks that attract over 6.5 million tourists yearly.

Lying at the centre of the Czech Republic, the delightful capital of Prague is often portrayed with the Vltava River meandering through its heart, under the remarkable Charles Bridge connecting Old Town Square to the Prague Castle perched atop the skyline.

Today, while golf grass seeds have taken root and matured in the leisure spa towns for over 100 years, Prague and all other Czech regions are witnessing golf fever and outstanding courses have flourished amidst the touristic hot spots.

With incredible money value and limitless cultural possibilities, sightseeing options and activities offered (highest standards of meals, drinks, theatre, opera, museums, shopping, nightlife, brewery and winery tours, outdoors, wellness and spa) the mix of memorable golf fulfils everyone. Within a supportive infrastructure, high quality services pamper golfers to a superior experience after only 90 minutes flying time from many of European airports making it an ideal golfing destination for a long weekend or a week holiday.


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